1. Dyersville Tournament Participants
  2. Board Breaking at Crime Night Out in Cascade
  3. Kick a Thon for Charity
  4. Practicing Back Kicks During Class
  5. Fathers Day Class
  6. Endurance!
  7. Jedi Camp 2018
  8. 4th of July Parade 2018
  9. Form Practice
  10. Martial Arts Demonstration
  11. Club Members After Testing
  12. Agility and Focus - Kicking a balloon and keeping it up
  13. Awards at Tournament
  14. Performing for the judges
  15. Rank Promotion
  16. Testing Panel

Self Defense, Fitness, Peace of Mind

In today's  society, there is no doubt that we need self-defense skills. All of us have our own personal reasons for choosing to train:  ​​​​​self-defense, physical fitness, stress management, self-confidence, and self-discipline or to develop teamwork.

Training in the martial arts can benefit all aspects of our lives, including our mind, body, and spirit. Through Tang Soo Do you can achieve these goals as well as many others.

Tang Soo Do has its own unique character which differentiates it from any other form of martial arts or Karate. Tang Soo Do not only teaches physical techniques but also trains us to practice "DO" (way of life) through practice of the five virtues; "IN" -(humanity), "UI"-(righteousness), "YIE"-(etiquette), "JI"-(wisdom) and "

If you have ever thought about being a "Karate Kid", dreamt of kicking like Chuck Norris, want to learn self-defense, or become more flexibile and physically fit, Now is the time to do so.  Children 4 and above, Women and Men of all ages are welcome!